Los puertos españoles - Spanish ports 23 that also sets us apart as a destination. The Port Authority will also be promoting the future international passenger terminal at the fair, which involves an investment of over €100 million in a public-private partnership.” SERVICE PROVIDERS The fair is also a scenario where companies can present their range of cruise industry services. This is the case of Marmedsa NoatumMaritime, which attends Seatrade Cruise Global with the aim of strengthening its growth in this industry. The group has become an international provider of solutions for the cruise industry through Marmedsa Cruise Services. As Albert Pallarés, Managing Director of Marmedsa NoatumMaritime, explained, the company offers ”action strategies and services adapted” to the new needs of the industry and the increase in demand, highlighting its commitment to sustainability. ”Our services extend beyond the formalities required by the cruise company to the specific needs of each case, such as special solutions for cruise passengers and crew, for which we coordinate different onshore services, including everything from support staff to the necessary resources for land transportation,” he concluded. “Nuestros servicios se extienden más allá de los trámites requeridos por la empresa de cruceros hasta las necesidades específicas de cada caso, como pueden ser las soluciones especiales para los cruceristas o para la tripulación, para los cuales coordinamos diferentes servicios en tierra, incluyendo desde el personal de apoyo hasta los recursos necesarios para el transporte por tierra”, concluye. EL DATO / FACTS AND FIGURES ESCALAS DE CRUCEROS. A lo largo del pasado año 2022, los puertos españoles gestionaron un total de 4.525 escalas de cruceros, lo que significa un crecimiento del 115,07% respecto al cierre de 2022. CRUISE SHIP CALLS. In 2022, Spanish ports handled a total of 4,525 cruise calls, which means an increase of 115.07% compared to 2021. 4.525