RECONNECTING THEGLOBAL LOGISTICS INDUSTRY LOLI DOLZ Director Diario del Puerto Publications Reconnection is underway. This week, Munich is hosting the four-day Transport Logistic trade fair, one of the most eagerly awaited events in the global logistics industry. The expectations as to what the logistics industry’s largest meeting and knowledge forum has to offer are high given the four-year hiatus since the last trade fair, without contacts, without global presentations, without the launch of innovations. The 2023 German fair comes with 2,311 participating companies, representing 55 countries and occupying ten halls (in other words, 110,000 square metres of exhibition space). In addition, the fair brings excellent business forecasts for the largest showcase of products, services, systems and innovative technologies in the logistics world, with the main players in the global logistics sector all confirming their participation. The event organisers are therefore confident that the fairwill fulfil its objective of being a business tool that promotes meetings and debates on the most important developments and trends in the industry. Transport Logistic, which is divided into four main exhibition areas and features a host of international key players, will be showcasing the latest trends in all modes of transport. Some of these trends will certainly include the fact that technologies and their applications (now with the help of Artificial Intelligence and big data) are set to create networks that could become a supergrid integrating as many supply chain networks as possible around the world, which will further increase transparency. Digital transformationwill also be inevitable to gain competitiveness. Operators that are not resilient and cannot adapt to new needs and technologies will find it increasingly difficult to meet minimumprofitability targets. Anothermilestone that is likely to be reached in the not-too-distant future (10 years ahead) is autonomous delivery vehicles, not only for logistics centres but also on the road! We will see what the experts have to say over the next few days at Transport Logistic. Of course, all these innovations in the transport and logistics industry, which will have their place at the fair, will be feasible as long as they embrace sustainability. There is no other way forward. We must remember that the European Commission has set a target of reducing CO2 transport emissions by90% in2050; and, to achieve this, it is essential tomove towards sustainable and digital transformation of logistics models, which prioritise sustainability. To help you find out more about the fair and its innovations, the main facts and figures about the logistics industry, as well as the latest trends, Diario del Puerto Publicaciones has put together this special bilingual publication dedicated solely to Transport Logistic 2023. This special issue, available in digital and paper versions, will be available during the fair. We hope you enjoy reading it.