LA FERIA - THE FAIR 21 “WE ATTACH GREAT IMPORTANCE TO THE MULTIMODAL ASPECT OF THE TRADE FAIR” Sparber Group, the Bilbao-based logistics operator, has been exhibiting at Transport Logistic Munich for many years now, and its stand is a benchmark at the fair. Michael Voss, General Manager of Sparber Air Cargo and International Business Development Manager at Sparber Group, says that there are also many reasons for its participation, year after year. As the world’s leading trade fair for the industry, Transport Logistic ”is an event that covers all the areas associated with our business and its reliability, professionalism and quality are beyond any doubt,” says Voss, who confirms that the Sparber Group has been actively participating with its own stand since 1999 ”and that’s why we can vouch for the importance of this trade fair”. ”In our specific case, as Sparber Group, we attach great importance to the multimodal aspect of the trade fair, as it gives us the chance to work in different areas, such as land, sea, air, and special projects”, he said. Exhibiting at the fair requires careful planning. ”We start organising our participation as an exhibitor many months in advance and we send a large management team to the fair, as well as local support. Our team prepares its interviews, contacts and work during the fair thoroughly in advance; we leave nothing to chance,” explains Voss, who explained that each member of the team has a full agenda for the four days of the event, including meetings and events both inside and outside the fair. ”We run a marketing campaign before and after the fair and, above all, we attach great importance to the follow-up of the fair once it is over, as we understand that the real success of a fair of these characteristics is in the ‘before’ and ‘after’”. A “RESOUNDING” SUCCESS Michael Voss, who is also the Honorary Consul of Germany in Bilbao, serving Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa, Alava, La Rioja, Asturias, Burgos, Cantabria and Navarre, also has words of thanks for ICEX, whose support he values ”enormously”. ”We have always gone to Munich with them, and they are the perfect travelling companion, for which we are very grateful”. With Transport Logistic just a few days away, the Sparber Group executive expects the fair to be a ”resounding” success. ”If the fact that it is a biennial trade fair always means that people are keen to come to Transport Logistic, this time, for obvious reasons, it is even more so, as it has been four years since the last event and there is great excitement about meeting again and enjoying what I consider to be The Trade Fair, with capital letters”. ”The city of Munich is really committed to this fair and all visitors feel that they are VIPs; for one week, the city’s activity revolves around our world, the world of transport and logistics,” Michael Voss said. Damos muchísima importancia al seguimiento de la feria, una vez concluida, ya que el éxito real de una feria de estas características está en el ‘antes’ y en el ‘después’”, explica Michael Voss, general manager de Sparber Air Cargo y jefe de Desarrollo de Negocio Internacional de Sparber Group ”We attach great importance to the follow-up after the trade fair, because the real success of an event like this is in the ‘before’ and ‘after’,” explains Michael Voss, General Manager of Sparber Air Cargo and International Business Development Manager at Sparber Group.