LA FERIA - THE FAIR 19 “THERE IS GREAT EXPECTATION AND VERY GOOD FORECASTS” The support of ICEX Spain Export and Investment is key to helping many Spanish companies access international markets, including transport and logistics firms. The ICEX promotes promotional activities and different internationalisation programmes, some of which are cross-cutting while others are sector-specific. Rodrigo Tilve, ICEX’s Director of Industrial Technology and Professional Services, pointed out that the agency promotes the participation of companies in this industry at Transport Logistic through a Spanish pavilion, ”to facilitate networking between Spanish companies and visitors to the event and other foreign companies exhibiting at the fair”. In addition, a series of itinerant conferences are being set up to focus on the importance of incorporating technological solutions into logistics chains, with a view to improving competitiveness and boosting companies’ internationalisation strategies. Finally, the Spanish Economic and Trade Commission in Berlin has carried out a market study on the logistics and transport sector in Germany, which will be presented in the second half of 2023. In Tilve’s opinion, Transport Logistic 2023 has been ”very well received” within the sector. Eight companies are taking part, of which three are new exhibitors and five are returning, ”which is a sign of the good results obtained in their participation in previous years”, he pointed out. A relevant aspect is that the participants in the Spanish pavilion represent different areas within the logistics sector, reflecting the broad range of Spanish exports. Some examples include intermodal transport, logistics operators, container solutions, research and training in the logistics sector, customs services in the main ports, airports and border points in Spain and solutions for automated warehouse management. AN ”UNMISSABLE” EVENT Transport Logistic has established itself as the leading international trade fair in logistics, technology and supply chain management, and is therefore an unmissable event in the sector,” says Rodrigo Tilve, who pointed out that as the 2021 event was not held due to the pandemic, ”there is great expectation and very good forecasts for 2023”. On the other hand, the ICEX director explained that every year the agency organises various forms of participation in over 300 events in a large number of foreign markets on all continents and in a multitude of sectors, in many of which logistics and transport ”is an important element because of its importance in internationalisation in various industries. However, as a specialised event, Transport Logistic is the only trade fair with a Spanish pavilion”. However, following the creation in 2022 by ICEX of a new Logistics and Supply Chain Department, ”the organisation of similar activities in Latin America and Southeast Asia, markets of great relevance and potential for Spanish companies in the sector, is being studied in depth”, announced Tilve.